Vacation Positivity

20 Jul Vacation Positivity

Vacations are a time to relax, have some fun and overall getaway from the mundane tasks of your everyday life. It goes without saying that a vacation is a time of joy. But what happens when the trip is over? The lasting affect on most people is usually consistent across the board, and the euphoria doesn’t usually last long once the trip is done. So how can you take the feeling of enjoyment and make it last long after the time has come to an end? The answer isn’t really so simple.

Studies have shown, that often times, it’s not so much a vacation itself that makes so many people happy as much as the planning of one does. The excitement of finding a place to stay, researching the areas activities and just the act of choosing where to go is what truly makes a person giddy with anticipation more than the trip itself. So we like to think with all of the studies, the best idea is to take more trips. We understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible, but maybe your idea of a getaway is more extravagant than it needs to be. Long weekend? Take a day trip to a nearby historic area, (like Beaufort for our readers who don’t already live here). Another good idea is maybe an overnight, only an hour or so away, to a city that interests you but you don’t normally take the opportunity to visit because of its close relation to you already. Our point is, is that if vacation planning is what truly makes people happy, you need to take the extra effort to make more of them happen. You may only have the option to take one big trip a year, but if your area is anything like it is for us, at Everest and here on the Crystal Coast, the chances that you have a few choices right under your nose is a strong possibility.

So take the time to explore your own area, you never know what you could be missing out on. And if you’re lucky enough to be reading this within a short drive of Everest Yacht Charters…maybe you can take your next quick stop to come see us for a few days. Sounds like a good plan to us anyways. 😉

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