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13 Aug Support Local

If you’re reading this, you probably already know we’re a little different than most. At Everest Yacht Charters we pride ourselves on blazing our own trails and can respect others who do the same…that’s just how we roll. The nicest thing about how we do things though is we get to support others in the same way. Often times “the little guy” get’s lost in the fold or looked over because they don’t have a corporate backing or a long list of “chain” locations. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a large variety of options worth looking into though. Generally, we don’t have a problem with folks who are cut from a slightly different cloth and, if we’re being honest, we actually kind of dig it.

If you don’t already, go friend/follow/request/whatever our respected social media pages and check out some of our friends and pictures on our pages. Recently we’ve had the pleasure to work with different businesses and individuals local to our respective area and we couldn’t be happier with the results. You see, we’re kind of known for our “getaways” or as being a “vacation alternative”, but the reality is that we do so much more. We’ve recently been involved in some wedding celebrations, with both recently hitched couples as well as those deep into the double digit anniversaries. A few months back we were able to travel down to Hilton Head and partake in the festivities during the Heritage Classic, a PGA Golf Tournament, as well. As you can tell, we’re open to anyone who wants to have a good time…no matter what the occasion may be.

The point is, without the local involvement/collaborations on many of these events, we may not have been able to offer some of them at all. So, go out and support your local area businesses wherever and whenever your can. Places like Beaufort Linen Company, where we got practically all the custom linens and many other decorative items you’ll find aboard Everest, Tildy Designs who did all the flowers you’ll find in many of the shots from some of the aforementioned wedding celebrations, Allie Miller Photography and Genie Leigh Photography for many of the awesome photographs you’ll find on our pages, Zion Consulting Group for keeping our website running and taking care of all of our videography needs, and last but not least our friends over at Front Street Village for taking such good care of us and many of our guests during the course of their stays. We’re happy to be able to provide the variety that we do with Everest and our services, but without the variety of our friends throughout this journey it certainly wouldn’t have been as easy or enjoyable.

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