Sunburn Prevention

09 Jun Sunburn Prevention

Far be it from the crew of Everest to tell anyone how to have their fun, no matter how good we may be at it. However, having so many activities available during your stay aboard that involve being out in the sun, we thought we’d go over some tips we’ve come across to make sure you don’t hurt yourself too bad. Trust us, you don’t want to ruin your stay by overdoing it the first day and paying the difficult price the rest of your trip.

There’s the obvious suggestion of making sure to use sunscreen. Of course you want to choose the correct option that suites you and be mindful to reapply as needed. Obviously that’s not something we need to explain to most folks. However, what are other things you could, or maybe already are doing, that could help prevent that vacation ruining burn? Some folks may pass on a morning coffee and instead opt for tea instead. What you may not know however is that the catechin compound in Green Tea helps protect your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun and gives you a little boost of burn prevention. Not to mention the teabags themselves if dipped in cool water and applied directly to the skin will help ease the sting a bit as the tannic acid in the tea helps counteract the burn if you’ve already been out a little too long. Another prevention that may already be a part of your day is eating pomegranates. Aside from being quite delicious, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can add a little extra “oomph” to your sunscreen routine.

If you’ve already gotten a little more than you bargained for in the sun department, some relief may already be sitting in your kitchen or refrigerator right now. Strawberries have some of the same tannin properties that we mentioned in the green tea earlier. If you’re a little red just smoosh a few up and apply directly to the burn for some natural relief. Another pain reliever is something as simple as a head of lettuce. Boil some of the leaves and after straining and letting the water cool, (maybe even put the liquid back in the fridge for a bit), gently rub some onto the skin with some cotton balls for some quick relief.

We’re all about the fun gang, but sunburn is an easy way to stop the party dead in it’s tracks. Prevention tends to be the best bet, but hopefully if the burn hasn’t gotten too bad these tricks can help ease the pain and have you enjoying yourself again in no time. Let’s face it, aboard OUR Everest the weather’s a little warmer but we want to keep you as cool as the real thing!

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