04 Jun Leave the Device(s) at Home

The magic of a vacation is the sights and experiences you’re allowed to pursue while you’re away from the norm. A big part of that is breaking the habits, that in large part, are typical of your everyday life. It’s easy when planning and packing for a trip to include things like your phone, a kindle or handheld entertainment device of some sort. Some of these items are more necessary than others though, as something like your phone is not just needed to keep up with folks/business at home anymore, but handy in that nowadays they double as cameras and the like. It’s normal to want to document an exciting trip but you don’t want to have these items so readily available that they become a distraction. Keeping your future plans in mind for once you arrive should be in the forefront of your thoughts when packing the “unnecessaries” of your trip.

When you plan on coming somewhere as nice as the Beaufort waterfront, where the Everest is normally docked, it’s easy to plan as any vacation and pack all those devices we mentioned. However not only is there plenty to keep you busy aboard Everest, but there’s plenty of awesome activities nearby that you should try to take advantage of as well. The moral of all this is to plan on having less distractions, that will essentially, be taking the place of all the fun you should be having. If you want something to read while you’re enjoying the sunshine aboard our vessel, bring a book. Electronics are going to end up being more of a hindrance and you may miss out on the beauty our Crystal Coast area has to offer and all the fun that goes along with it as well. Save the electronics for when you get back home and you want to upload all the pictures of you enjoying the time away rather than missing out on it all because you’re head was buried in a laptop the entire trip. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it later.

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