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07 Jul FAMILY Vacations

Maybe because you’re a parent yourself or you remember that classic family get together from your own childhood, we all know the possible ups and downs of a family vacation. What are some of the things you should consider when you involve the entire family though? It takes a little more planning and may be a bit more work but planning an enjoyable time for both the younger as well as the older kids in the family, (we’re talking to you dad), can be fun for everyone. So load up the family station wagon, the Everest’s version of the Griswolds are going on a trip.

Not to toot our own horn, but traveling to somewhere like our own historic Beaufort to stay somewhere like you would with us aboard Everest may be just what your family needs. This may sound like an easy case of self promotion, but hear us out. To the families that may not live that far away as it is, or can’t afford the luxury of a long distance trip, staying somewhere in your relative area should be an option you should at least consider. Your children aren’t going to know the difference between the beaches of Hawaii compared to the wonderful Crystal Coast, a beach is a beach to them. So why not save the money, not to mention the headache of a long distance trip, and stay a little closer to home? With somewhere like us, again as the example, almost everything is practically inclusive. We have your lodging covered, access to the water at any given moment, along with the sense of adventure our nearby uninhabited islands provide or if you’re not the adventurous type the great shopping on the nearby Beaufort waterfront. We understand not everywhere is going to have so many options, but take it for the example that it is; sometimes a highly enjoyable vacation can be staring at you from your backyard and you not even notice. It’s easy to overlook options sometimes just because it doesn’t “appear” to be a vacation destination simply because of its relativity to “home”. Just because you don’t have to travel for hours on end to your destination doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option though.

With a family vacation it’s also easy to leave someone out from time to time; this can also include yourself as a parent. A big part of the family vacation puzzle is letting everyone have their fun. It might might mean a long overdue nap for mom or maybe a stop at that museum for history buff dad, or the all important, non-stop, poolside cannonball competition for the kids. Everyone is going to want to do something that a few others are not going to want to do, and that’s fine! The key however is going to be patience and flexibility. Vacations go by quick, but there is just as much time for everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as well. Don’t feel bad because someone else is getting their moment, just remember to give others that chance themselves before it’s time to pack it all up and head home. So take the time for everyone to have their chance and be certain to take a moment for yourself while you’re at it.

There is certainly more that can be touched on in discussions of a family vacation but we want to leave room for you to be able to make it your own. Just remember that a vacation, by definition, should be enjoyable but doesn’t HAVE to cost a fortune or be thousands of miles from home either. If your family has specific parameters you need to work through this year, don’t let it get you down, because it’s easier to save yourself from the typical vacation headaches than you may have originally thought. Stay patient and plan ahead and unless you happen to be visiting “Wally-World” during that one weekend a year that they’re closed, you and the entire fam should have a great vacation to look back on for years to come.

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