Be Safe In/On the Water

15 Jun Be Safe In/On the Water

As a business not just on but specifically in the waters of the beautiful Crystal Coast, we here at Everest Yacht Charters know firsthand how much fun it is to go out and play in the ocean. We also recognize that when it’s active fun, like ours, that not everyone is of equal skill and knowledge. When you’re going into uncharted waters, (pun intended), it’s easy to make mistakes that you normally wouldn’t think twice of. Your out to have a good time and we don’t want to hinder that but we also want to make sure you’re doing it safe. So let’s mention a few things you may want to think about before you get your feet wet.

An easy one to mention, of the bat, is to be cautious if you’re under the influence. We know if you’re on vacation that chances are high you may indulge a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that but the same idea that you wouldn’t get behind the wheel after a few, you don’t want to overdo it in the water either. Maybe limiting yourself to just enjoying the scenery would be a better idea than full blown horseplay if you’ve had one too many.

On the flipside one that many may not think about is diving into any water headfirst. Sure you’ve seen some boats go by, the water is obviously deep enough but you don’t know what may be lurking just inches below the surface. At the very least try to inspect the area you’ll be enjoying before anyone gets too excited and jumps right in. A quick check of your surroundings can save you a trip to the ER in case some pirate dumped his treasure chest right where you’ll be jumping in at.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science but many folks, experienced or not, have learned some of these things the hard way. If you’re going to swim, do it with a friend. Make sure it’s not during a thunderstorm. Don’t let children swim unsupervised. All things that sound crazy but are worth mentioning because these accidents do happen. Keep safety in your thoughts and you’ll have all the fun you can handle and you’ll still be around to do it again the next time.


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